2017 June

Dear Friends and Neighbors:
What do you value most about Whiting Library?
The latest in reading, audio and video materials?
Up-to-date computers (including instruction), printers and Wi-Fi access?
Over 100 educational and fun programs for children?
A diverse offering of stimulating programs for adults?
Monthly book groups for adults and summer reading programs for children?
Or, simply that Whiting Library provides an interesting and welcoming environment for you to just pick up a book, find a quiet place to read or study or bring your children after school?
Whatever it is that you value most about Whiting Library, our goal is to offer you services that enrich your library experience.
As Whiting Library continues to grow and expand its offerings, expenses grow as well! The cost of books, magazines and audio materials increases every year. Payroll expenses increase as do maintenance costs. We are fortunate to receive funding from the towns of Chester and Andover, but it is not enough to meet all of our yearly expenses.
Our expenses have steadily increased over the years and we must draw on our savings every year to meet our budget. We have not increased our fund-raising goal in over a decade, but this year we have a new goal: $20,000. We hope we can count on you to help us meet it!
Whiting Library is fortunate to have supporters like you. Your donation helps us provide the latest in reading materials. Your donation allows us to offer computers and the Internet to patrons who have no other access. Your donation makes Whiting Library the community resource that serves everyone.
Use our secure website, to donate right now. It’s as easy as that!

Sincerely yours,
Kathy Pellett, Chair, Whiting Library Board of Trustees
P.S. Honor someone special with a gift in their name.
Trustees: Mariette Bock, Treasurer  Jessica Buchanan, Vice Chair
Stephanie Whitney-Payne, Secretary  John Holme  Carrie King  David Lord

Use PayPal and your credit/debit card to support the continuing mission of Whiting Library

or go to PayPal, Send Money and use
Still an on-going book sale in the library anytime you need a good, inexpensive read.  There are also a few collectables.